Help True the Vote get to the truth in the IRS targeting scandal.

For five years the IRS has lied about the role they played in the targeting of pro-liberty citizens. The cover-up will continue unless real, game-changing pressure is brought to bear.

It’s an established fact that the Obama Administration has used the IRS as a weapon to silence pro-liberty Americans appear to oppose the Obama Administration.

As the nation’s leading voice for voters’ rights and election integrity, True the Vote was among the first organizations singled out for harassment by the IRS. After answering hundreds of intrusive questions and waiting for over three years to receive nonprofit tax status, True the Vote filed suit. We knew what was happening was wrong, but what we didn’t know was who gave the order to abuse our organization-- along with hundreds of others. Congress asked the IRS for copies of email correspondence, but the IRS swore that hard drives had crashed and emails had vanished forever.

Now, tens of thousands of new emails have been discovered.

These emails may contain information that can help bring the criminal conspirators to justice. But, over the past five years we’ve watched as data finds are fumbled, critical information is lost, and requests for independent forensic audits are continually denied.

We want to audit the emails.

True the Vote has filed formal requests to receive copies of ALL the IRS emails -- and we’re building a technology dream team to help process the mountain of data, find the patterns and prosecute the perps.

Will you help us?

The email evidence that could send these lawless bureaucrats to prison is all part of the public record and open to citizen review. We want to review them. All of them. But we need help. Before the data mining can begin, all the documents have to be sorted and prepped.

Will You help True the Vote enter the email data? Join the team!

Have a background in technology? Can you help develop, code, analyze data? Join the team! (When you sign up, please use the comments section to tell us about your areas of expertise)

If you aren’t sure what you can do, but you want to stay informed about True the Vote’s progress on the IRS Truth Project, join the team and stay connected!

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